Detoxing Children
Children respond very well to homeopathy as their ‘vital force’ is strong and their 'toxic load' is less than adults. Detox symptoms in children are usually brief, mild or don't appear, thanks to the gentle nature of homeopathy. In my practice I often see children that have 'not been well since' several rounds of antibiotics, […]
8 ways we detox daily & when homeopathy is needed
Your body has various sophisticated ways to automatically detox every day through its main systems and organs, but also through some other, perhaps more surprising ways… (1) Bowel movements – when our intestines break down nutrients, the waste materials include toxins and unhelpful bacteria which are expelled by the colon. Excessive bowel movements, whether frequent or […]
Six year old with sadness and eczema
Jamie* is a six-year-old boy whose mum first got in contact with me about his Molluscum Contagiosum (known as water warts, it is a viral infection of the skin that results in small, raised, pink lesions). I recommended a homeopathic remedy (Thuja Occidentalis) and his skin cleared up. Six months later, Jamie’s mum got in […]
Clearing Eczema with Homeopathy
This lovely young woman first came to my clinic with eczema all over her hands, arms, neck and face. It was unbearably itchy and stopped her from sleeping well. She felt it was very unsightly and held her back from interacting with others. The eczema was particularly bad around her mouth, I wish I had […]
Separation Anxiety
Three weeks into the new school year and as I drop my daughter off at primary school each day, I see children crying, begging not to be left at school and even clinging to their exhausted parent’s leg. It’s heart-breaking to see, especially knowing that things could be so different. When a child has separation […]
A Case of Homeopathic Treatment of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
June came to see me because she had been diagnosed with PCOS. She had been on the Pill for 12 years, at first to combat her heavy periods when she was a teen and later as a contraceptive. She had stopped over a year ago but following the PCOS diagnosis had been advised to go […]
Eczema results in just two weeks!
Eczema results in just two weeks! Yes, it’s unusual, but is possible and here are the photos to prove it. On coming to see me, the patient’s hands were uncontrollably itchy, red and dry. The itching was made worse with water, warmth and scratching. There were flaking and cracks in some areas, but no pus […]
A Case of Selective Mutism
Ben’s* parents brought him to see me aged 3 years and 4 months old. They were concerned with the number of times Ben had been ill since birth. He was very prone to coughs that lasted up to a month, colds, high temperatures, ear infections and chest infections. He had been given antibiotics numerous times […]
Overactive minds at bedtime?
Another option for bedtime before seeing a homeopath. For adults and children - Rescue Remedy Night. I have found this a great help for over active minds and over excited children! It contains no alcohol and works like magic. For long term, lasting help with sleep issues there are several great homeopathic remedies that help […]