8 ways we detox daily & when homeopathy is needed

Your body has various sophisticated ways to automatically detox every day through its main systems and organs, but also through some other, perhaps more surprising ways…

(1) Bowel movements – when our intestines break down nutrients, the waste materials include toxins and unhelpful bacteria which are expelled by the colon. Excessive bowel movements, whether frequent or diarrhoea are our body’s way of ejecting toxins as quickly as possible.
(2) Urination – urine is a waste product from both the kidneys and liver functions.
(3) Snot & mucous – lovely! But a good way of pushing out this internal breeding ground for bacteria and disease.
(4) Bile and vomit – the liver cleans the blood, producing enzymes to destroy toxins that come from our food, water and the air. These toxins can then be expelled through both urine and bile. Vomiting is a more extreme ejection of toxins from the body such as food poisoning.
Those four are well known, but did you know the next four?

(5) Skin – one of the best ways to expel toxins is by sweating. Sweating not only regulates temperature it also pushes out toxins. Spots and acne are another representation of the body pushing out toxins to its outermost layer.
(6) Breathing – we breathe in toxins, but we also expel them through our breath, helping the lymphatic system cleanse. Through deep and regular breathing, we also expel negative feelings and anxiety.
(7) Menstruation – some women do not see the regular arrival of their period in a good light, but actually it is a great and additional way that women’s bodies detox every month. The menstrual period is a natural cleansing process, releasing bacteria from inside the reproductive system and helping the body to discharge excess iron, which in turn helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.
(8) Tears – our bodies’ release valve for stress, sadness, grief, anxiety and frustration. There are 3 different types of tears – ‘reflex’ for clearing dust particles, ‘continuous’ for lubrication of the eyes, and ‘emotional’ tears. They all have healing roles but the emotional tears have high amounts of the protein-based hormones produced by the body when under stress. Weeping helps to wash these toxic chemicals out of the body, elevating mood and lowering stress, which is linked to many health problems including lowered immunity, heart disease, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes and obesity. So don’t hold back the tears!

It is reassuring to know that the body is always working hard to remove toxins and is so good at self-maintenance. A few extra glasses of wine one evening it can usually handle; a prolonged poor diet may make the body work harder over time and need a boost such as a fast or juice detox, but on the whole it will continue to work well though we do accumulate toxins in the body as we age.

Where it does need extra help is when something really significant has interacted with the body and is so overwhelming that the body struggles and can’t detox without extra help. At this point more serious symptoms can occur. One or more of the following can affect the immune system and organs with longer lasting and detrimental consequences to health:

  • Heavy metals (from vaccines, environmental pollutants)
  • Anti-biotics
  • Oral contraceptive pill, morning after pill, birth control injection
  • Steroids
  • Vaccines, eg HPV, DPT
  • Other medication eg anti histamines

This is where homeopathy can step in and give the body some extra information that will help it combat what it views as too many toxic chemicals to handle, no matter how much they may have helped at the time.

My Homeopathic Detoxes address all the above examples and are tailored to the individual. Homeopathic remedies are gentle, non-toxic and non-addictive. Give it a try, your body will know what to do.