Clearing Eczema with Homeopathy

This lovely young woman first came to my clinic with eczema all over her hands, arms, neck and face. It was unbearably itchy and stopped her from sleeping well. She felt it was very unsightly and held her back from interacting with others. The eczema was particularly bad around her mouth, I wish I had a photo to document it! Her mother had applied Vaseline around her mouth and lips since she was a child to try to combat the eczema. It was red, scabbing with crust and pus around her mouth and lips and the Vaseline no longer worked. Steroids worked temporarily but the moment she stopped them the eczema came back stronger than ever.

We worked hard to bring the eczema under control and I commend her persistence as eczema can be very challenging. Remedies included Sulphur, Morgan Pure, Histaminum, Homeopathic steroids, Petroleum and dietary changes. Her skin cleared up completely and best of all the area around her mouth was entirely free of eczema. Very noticeably her confidence and happiness soared which was brilliant to see!

‘I reduced my dosage and my skin is all good now. No sign of eczema anywhere. Thank you so much for making me better.’