Separation Anxiety

Three weeks into the new school year and as I drop my daughter off at primary school each day, I see children crying, begging not to be left at school and even clinging to their exhausted parent’s leg. It’s heart-breaking to see, especially knowing that things could be so different.

When a child has separation anxiety it isn’t just happening at the school gate, it affects the rest of their life too. Often there are problems with sleeping, tummy aches or headaches, feeling sick, changes in appetite, as well as outbursts, crying or withdrawal.

If your child needs help with anxiety, give homeopathy a try. Children tend to respond quickly to homeopathic remedies and they are safe, gentle and easy to take. Having helped both children and teens suffering with anxiety, I can tell you it’s a real pleasure to see them lighten up as the worries fall away, they start to sleep better and enjoy school more.

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