Eczema results in just two weeks!

Eczema results in just two weeks!

Yes, it’s unusual, but is possible and here are the photos to prove it.

On coming to see me, the patient’s hands were uncontrollably itchy, red and dry. The itching was made worse with water, warmth and scratching.

There were flaking and cracks in some areas, but no pus and very little bleeding unlike some eczema conditions. The patient was in a state of alarm as the eczema had started at the fingertips but spread very quickly down her fingers to the front and back of both hands and was now moving down to the wrist on her right hand. She was using hydrocortisone cream which was limited help and the skin on her fingertips was thinning and cracking, resulting in her putting plasters on.

In my experience, common physical causes of eczema include food intolerances, overload of the detoxing organs (livers, bowels, kidneys etc), childhood vaccinations and hereditary factors. Emotional causes are stress and anxiety – there can be an unexpressed emotion that has been building up for a while and is expressed on the skin and ‘boils over’ in the person.

In the case above this young woman had a residential job, so she could not get away from the issues that were annoying her and felt unable to express her feelings and frustration. The tension was also expressed by biting her teeth together at night, ie clenching her jaw. The fast spreading of the eczema was also a source of stress in itself – a vicious circle.

I prescribed her two remedies, one for supporting the liver to clear and work a bit harder (Chelidonium) and a second remedy that best matched her whole picture (Graphites) including the specifics about her eczema and state of mind.

There was a brief flaring for a few days before improvement started. This is not unusual and is the body’s way of pushing out toxins. By the second week the redness, swelling and flakiness were much better and the cracks on her fingertips were starting to improve. Treatment continues over the next few weeks and I look forward to a complete recovery, no more plasters! She was still unhappy in her job but had taken the first positive steps towards moving on.

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