Detoxing Children

Children respond very well to homeopathy as their ‘vital force’ is strong and their 'toxic load' is less than adults. Detox symptoms in children are usually brief, mild or don't appear, thanks to the gentle nature of homeopathy.

In my practice I often see children that have 'not been well since' several rounds of antibiotics, yearly flu jabs, inoculations or other medications. It may be that their parents have even done a hair mineral analysis test and found indications of high heavy metals such as lead or aluminium etc.

Homeopathy is really excellent at clearing the 'influences' that medications may leave behind. For instance with childhood inoculations, homeopathic treatment can range from dealing with acute reactions to detoxing the affects years later. Treatment for prolonged affects was first introduced by Dutch homeopath Tinus Smits under his CEASE program. Since his passing, this approach has evolved to include the clearing of many other types of medication too. The following is how homeopathy can help treat reactions to jabs.

Immediate reactions to a recent childhood jab
Treatment may include remedies for an immediate or acute reaction. Ledum helps for inflammation around the area of injection itself, Belladonna or Aconite if the child throws out a fever, or Apis or Histaminum for allergic reactions such as hives.

The jab was some time ago or a program is currently being administered
Homeopathy has a very good track record for detoxing and supporting the immune system.
For some children a single constitutional remedy will prompt the body to detox and it may be that this is all that is needed. There are also well-established remedies such as Carcinosen, Silica, Thuja or the homeopathic preparation of the inoculation itself. Remedies do not negate the function of the medication, they simply help the body to rebalance from any side effects.

Gradual health changes
Some health changes may have developed more gradually and may not seem to be obviously connected to the jabs, as symptoms didn’t appear immediately or within a week. These changes are usually signs of an immune system under stress as it tries to assimilate the medication - after all, all medication is foreign to the body. Symptoms may be inflammation, gut dysfunction and/or neurological effects. More complex prescribing may be necessary if the child is not in good health, or already had health conditions, and develops multiple issues such as the list below. This may include a homeopathic preparation of the medication, gut support (bowel nosodes) and remedies that address the other issues going on, for instance if there has been a lot of antibiotics or other medications, exposure to toxins, trauma or upsets and so on.

There is no standard protocol for this, as each child is unique. Remedies that work well with one child may be less effective for another child.

A few examples of health challenges are*:
Changes in gut and bowel health
Changes in appetite
Recurrent coughs and colds
Glue ear
Repeated tonsillitis
Behaviour – acting out or withdrawal, emotional intensity etc
Neurological changes such as restlessness, lack of focus or concentration, cognition, sensitivity in hearing, light, taste, i.e. SPD etc
Slowing of natural development eg speech

*There may be other reasons aside from medications for all of the above symptoms.

Clearing the affects of other medications, antibiotics and heavy metals are also possible. If you'd like to know more about this aspect of homeopathic treatment, do get in touch.