HPV Vaccine Reaction – how homeopathy helped

Annie* came to the clinic with her mother following her second HPV vaccine. A confident, enthusiastic 14-year-old, I had met her before when her brother had come in for homeopathic treatment. This time though, Annie was a very different girl.

In the UK, whilst the parent must give written consent for their child to have the HPV vaccine, the daughter takes the final decision on whether to have it or not. Annie and her mother had talked about Annie’s decision carefully and were proud that she was taking responsibility for her health as a mature young person. As a vegetarian she prepares her own meals, enjoys cooking for the family and has a responsible and positive nature – the HPV vaccine decision felt like part of her growing maturity.

Annie was an active, sporty girl and her first HPV vaccine had gone through with no issues. Following the second vaccine however, within hours she had a severe headache, ear ache, aching limbs, dizziness, nausea and then started throwing up in the night.

Thankfully Annie and her mum got in touch as soon as they could.

As Annie was still experiencing acute symptoms these needed to be dealt with first. She was immediately given Silica, a well-known remedy for the treatment of nausea following a vaccination and this stabilised her. However, over the next few days she remained listless, achy and ‘completely wiped out’.

Over the following few weeks Annie took a homeopathic detox programme of remedies tailored to her personally, including liver support and the homeopathic remedy from HPV vaccine. This helped her body to detox the parts of the vaccine that had made her so unwell and get her back in balance. Gradually her energy returned and she is the cheery girl I first met.

Reactions to the HPV vaccine are more likely to happen following the second scheduled jab owing to the accumulative effect of the two vaccines on the body.
If there is any reaction to either HPV vaccine, it is best to contact a homeopath and start the homeopathic detox as soon as possible, do not delay. This is true for all vaccinations, not just HPV.

*Name changed to protect identity